Spatial Specific Redux

by Legion of Green Men

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    20th anniversary remastered edition.

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20th anniversary remastered edition.

Liner notes:


To Kiss The Hare’s Foot
“To be too late for anything, to be a day after the fair. The hare has gone by, and left its footprint for you to salute. A similar phrase is To kiss the post.” *
True to the title, the first take in the recording (of a bead-chain light switch pull cord) is profetically off cue. *Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1959)

Zero Equals Infinity
Y’know that tickling in your tummy and lightness of balance that comes with the onset of sleep? We were feeling it. All the time. This is tuning up the spectral orchestra at the threshold of panic, or the brink of insanity. The slow gurgling synth is one of the lock loops from the Time Tunnel ep [Post Contemporary - 12PCON7].

Synaptic Response (Faculties Of Cognition)
We received reports some of people loosing their virginity or others proposing to their spouses with this song as the soundtrack. Both flattering… and weird. The vocals are sung by Canadian/Turkish folk superstar Brenna MacCrimmon, pitched up a bit.

Mosaic Eye: Evolutionary Approach
For the first time on CD is the full 12” mix from the Mosaic Eye ep [Post Contemporary - 12PCON11], leading into the lock loop (next track on this set). A tribute to tripping in the great outdoors, observing the eyes of our insect friends.

Mosaic Eye: Eternal Opuscule #50
That cracking and smashing sound right at the beginning of the track is the woodpile just outside the back window of the old studio. We’d go and stomp on it whenever things weren’t working out inside. And it was good place to hide for a puff. Further north, we find ourselves contemplating whip-poor-wills.

Time Tunnel
Our favourite fragments of the debut 12” Time Tunnel, lovingly hacked down to 13 seconds. About as much sense as it sounds.

Veneration Of The Goddess
Lex played Ebow. Rew sampled. The track was channeled to our recorder unexpectedly. Hail to the Goddess of all good things that grow.

Interim Opuscule #57
A 5/4 interlude signals a change in pace… This was originally to be an Eternal Opuscule (and play infinitely when cut to vinyl) but then we modified it to simply be an interim at a different tempo.

Extending Shadows
Something about Extended Shadows on previous editions of Spatial Specific didn’t jive with us. While digging through the original master tapes, we found a test demo of one of the early stages of this track. We realized that the final version had deviated so far away from it’s initial inception, so we captured a different perspective for this edition. This unreleased 2012 remix of the 8-track master tapes hopes to return the track to what it should have been.

Logarhythm One Point Two
This was the first of many experiments with unsynchronized sequencers. In the process of reviewing master tapes for this reissue, we rediscovered enough of these tracks to fill a small album as Logarhythms. [Post Contemporary – CDPCON30]

Ashes Rolling Over (Still Or Nearly Still)
By far the best track from the Midnight Genius sessions, recorded entirely, and continuously, on black elixer (at the woodpile no less). Originally released on 12” as Incarnate: Convolution ep [Death of Vinyl - Luddite 188]. The first mix had balance issues between various stages of the recording. Before DAWs we pieced this track together using MIDI synced to 8 track tape, DAT tapes and free running analog synths. For this remaster we pumped up the ethereal bits in the last quarter so you can hear when the afterburners kicked in. When embers turn over, new faces appear in the fire.

The Philosopher's Stone (Part 2.1)
The Mediaeval alchemist’s prime object of discovery, a hypothetical substance which would transmute all baser metals into gold, was the Philosophers’ Stone. Now divided into two stages or “gates”.

The Philosopher's Stone (Part 2.2)
This song was recorded at the end of an 8-track tape reel, so we literally ran out the tape as we tracked the swells. The tape slapping against the tension arms signalled the end of the recording. This is likely the oldest song on the album, the original dating from somewhere in ‘89.

Noise Floor
We built our studio in an attic above the garage. In summer it was so hot that sweat would drip from our heads onto the gear, and in winter it was so cold by the stairs our drinks would freeze. On some hot summer days, gasoline fumes from the leaky lawnmower parked below would drift up, and spider hatchlings would trickle down from the ceiling all over our equipment. Yeah, those were the days. Suffice to say the electrical wiring in there was less than perfect, and there was brutal 60 Hz electrical hum on near every recording. If you can’t beat it, BE IT. For this track we cranked the faders as high as they could go and played the noise.

External Opuscule #55
We couldn’t agree to end the album with the sound of our noise floor or to simulate the effect of a CD skipping (a nod to the eternal opuscules on our wax), so we chose to do both. We scratched up many CDs in the R&D phase of this recording to study how they skip. It was supposed to sound like the previous track (Noise Floor) became jammed, but the final recording ended up morphing into something of its own.


The Phantom Lab’s Final Broadcast
These are the lead-in and lead-out audio tracks from the first side of the Time Tunnel ep [Post Contemporary - 12PCON7], circa 1991/92. The lead-in was cut such that you couldn’t hear the beginning of the track – if you wound the turntable back, the needle would fall off the groove. Similarly the ending was cut in a lock groove to play indefinitely. Our laquer engineer complained the whole time he cut that EP.

Veneration Of The Rhythm
The drums-only mix of Veneration of the Goddess, as found on the Veneration 12” [Post Contemporary - 12PCON12]. The vinyl was cut to a lock groove, allowing drunk DJ’s time to piss and come back.

Synaptic Response (Memories Forgotten)
This is the version from the Convolution ep [Death of Vinyl - Luddite 188], released under the name “Incarnate” (we were in a fit of identity crisis). The only differences between this and the first mix on the Time Tunnel EP are the layered additional string pads over the analog synths, and better level & EQ balances. Such as they do, one of the analog synths falls out of tune towards the end...

Eternal Opuscule #27 (Astral Aquarium)
Not all the Opuscules had sub-names, but this one did. Originally from Convolution and cut as a lock groove.

Eternal Opuscule #79
A lock groove track from the vinyl edition of Spatial Specific [PLUS 8 - PLUS8045]. The edition was marred by a very poor pressing – on some copies the surface noise was louder than the lock groove. Here it is in digital glory.

Eternal Opuscule #26 (Radix Of The Infinite)
Clearly it’s a lock loop made up of parts of Synaptic Response. Another from the Convolution ep.

The Mosaic Eye: Depressurization Sensation (Ataractic Tessera)
This was the first of many tracks under the Mosaic Eye banner, all using the same elements. Originally appeared on From Here To Tranquility Volume 2 [Silent Records - SR9343]. The fog horn and waves were recorded in view of the lift bridge in Burlington, at the butt end of Lake Ontario.

Eternal Opuscule #74
Another lock groove track from the vinyl edition of Spatial Specific. Rising curls of insence smoke are cut by evening sun through venetian blinds.

Synaptic Reversed
After a video was made for Synaptic Response, Virgin asked us to replace the Faculties Of Cognition mix with the shorter video edit, Nocturnal Broadcast, so “people won’t be disappointed to get a different song”. BS. We thought listeners would be delighted to find a longer mix than the video, but relented under the condition that the time lost in the video edit would be made up with an alternate mix at the end of the album.
So we flipped the master tapes backwards, ditched the percussion, and came up with this mix. This is now by far our favourite Synaptic version.


released March 17, 2015



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